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Ibiza Lakópart

Ibiza Riverside Residence

Project details

Project value: € 7,892,477

Plot size: 13,767 sqm

Bulding size: 0

Building Rights: 13,767 sqm

Type: Residential

Usage: Apartments

Status: Sold


Project description

Location: XXI. district, Hollandi út

Ibiza Residential Beach in Budapest XXI. district, Hollandi út, the Ráckeve-Soroksár Danube branch is located in the area bordered by the Municipal Sports Complex and the Csepel Strandfürdő swimming pool, in one of the most frequented parts of the island, known as the Royal Forest. On the slopes of the Danube terrace, which is slightly higher than its surroundings (115-130 m), there are mainly family houses with gardens. The Ibiza Residential Beach under site can be reached by car from the city center in just a quarter of an hour, which takes just three-quarters of an hour by public transport (Csepeli heat, bus 48).


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